Why Suna?

Everyone has a story, but the Suna story is as real as it gets.

A Real Family Behind the Name

Suna is not just a brand. It is not a name representing a corporation. It is a real family...with a real legacy...and a real hands-on approach to the art of fine jewelry. 

Suna Bros. was founded by Kenneth and Joel Suna, brothers who emigrated from Europe in the 1930s. Kenneth’s sons, Aron and Jonathan Suna, grew up in the jewelry business, learning from their father and uncle and run the business today.

Aron and Jonathan guide each piece as it is being crafted until it is complete, making sure that it is the quality to carry their name before a piece gets to you. We employ highly skilled artisans and a talented staff who take great pride in what they do.

Real people making fine jewelry: that’s who Suna is.

Ethical, Authentic, and Responsible for Decades

These terms are very broadly used today, but Suna has been conscientious for years.

Always on the forefront of ethical and responsible business practices, Suna upholds exceptional standards. Every diamond and gem is responsibly sourced. We have relationships with suppliers that span decades.

We disclose all pertinent information. Each Suna creation is stamped with the Suna mark, the karat metal mark, and a serial number unique to the piece. Our stamp is our promise that each piece meets our exacting standards. Additionally, we belong to major jewelry industry organizations who uphold rigorous ethical standards.

American Made Quality

Every piece of Suna is crafted in our workshop adjacent to our office in New York City. By manufacturing in-house, we constantly raise the bar on quality control and innovation, assuring reliable delivery and a consistently high caliber product.

We proudly support the American workforce and abide by manufacturing regulations. Since every Suna piece is made in our workshop, we eliminate harm to the environment by not requiring trans-Atlantic or Pacific crossings, which expend fuel and emit emissions into the atmosphere. Additionally, there are no duties or importation fees.