For over 85 years, the Suna family has been creating fine jewelry for a discriminating clientele. Rooted in old world tradition, Suna’s jewelry pedigree is traced back to Europe where brothers Kenneth and Joel Suna apprenticed under seasoned master jewelers in late 1920s Warsaw. Training as bench jewelers and diamond setters, they learned the art of fine jewelry making from the ground up. As the two brothers honed their skills, they developed a discerning appreciation for finely crafted platinum work and beautiful gems. Kenneth’s comprehensive knowledge of the industry, coupled with his intuitive foresight and business acumen, became the cornerstone for a jewelry business, cementing the foundation for Suna Bros.

Today, Aron and Jonathan Suna combine their heritage of old world craftsmanship with modern, state-of-the-art techniques and continue to create exquisite jewelry. From three-stone rings to gemstone suites and everything in between, each piece in our collection is a benchmark of extraordinary quality, destined to be an heirloom. We value our long term relationships with retailers, some of them spanning back generations, and set the bar for stellar customer service.

Our Legacy

Follow our story from a European factory to New York City where our office and workshop still continue to craft every piece in our collection.

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Our Craftsmanship

Suna is synonymous with quality. Our reputation comes from consistently upholding rigorous standards for impeccable craftsmanship

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5 Reasons to Love Suna

With so many choices in the marketplace, discover why you'll treasure a piece from Suna Bros. today, tomorrow, and always.

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The creation of fine jewelry is truly an art: it is a skillfully precise and extremely detailed process. 

Each Suna piece begins with an original design. Drawn to scale, the designs are the architectural blueprints that will bring each piece to realization, detailing the end, top and side views. The transformation of these drawings into jewelry requires a workshop of expert craftsmen. Our jewelers, setters, and polishers draw on their skills to create three-dimensional sculptures of gems, diamonds and precious metals, resulting in heirloom quality pieces that are beautiful from every angle.