Our Suna Essentials are decidedly timeless, invariably refined, and consistently stylish. They are the core collection: the necessary foundations of any jewelry wardrobe, expertly crafted to be heirlooms for generations to come. They define the word classic, transcending changeable trends to remain relevant for years. Selections include glittering pavé pieces, bold gold creations, lacy diamond suites and so much more. Beautiful stones, balanced proportions, and impeccable workmanship mean that these pieces will be elegant forever and always in style. Timeless. Graceful. Suna.

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Everyone has a favorite color. We have many. The Suna Spectrum shines with magnificent one-of-a-kind gemstones from all over the world. From amethyst to zircon and everything in between, our rings, earrings and necklaces showcase a vividly kaleidoscopic palette of gems in various precious metal combinations. Though some pieces share a similar design, each gemstone is a one-of-a-kind because color, weight and shape will always vary, however subtly. Each gemstone piece is uniquely yours. The world is colored with magnificent hues, but none are as everlasting as those of gems. 

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From beautifully refined solitaires to timeless three stone rings, our Bridal Collection is crafted with precision and perfection. We have been creating the finest channel-set bands since our company was established in the 1930s. In fact, that’s how our business actually began. Today, we continue to craft our bands the same way and the results are beautifully evident. Each diamond is handset to leave as little space as possible between one stone and the next, maximizing the ring’s scintillating impact. With Suna Bridal, you have met your perfect match.

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Each piece from our Luxury Collection harnesses pure imagination and translates it into elegant realties of precious metals, diamonds and gems. These are extraordinary adornments, so gracefully individualized that each will often take us many months from inception to completion. Sometimes, a suite of diamonds or gemstones is our motivation; other times, we are inspired by a particular design motif. No matter how the jewelry making process begins, you can be assured that every Suna Luxury creation will be finished to sparkling perfection and timeless elegance.

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