Time After Time

Time After Time

On densely grained benches in a little workshop in the 1930s, a fledging Suna Bros. first began to make their mark in the jewelry industry by crafting platinum and diamond bands. Not only were these channel-set diamond bands exceptionally crafted, but they soon became symbols of the company’s quality, spanning decades until the present time. But these bands are so much more than beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry; they are the definition of each piece of Suna Bros: timeless.

Timeless…not the most hip or happening adjective. It borders on the banal and academic, especially for the younger population, perhaps because it is so often used when describing the classic and iconic: that timeless, story of star-crossed lovers by some guy named Shakespeare; a particular timeless oil painting of a enigmatically grinning woman. We also hear it in context of all things design, from architectural to fashion and everything in between: the timeless Eames lounge chair, the timeless little black dress, the timeless san serif font, Avant Garde.

Timeless, in fact, is THE best word to define something that is present, evergreen, and ageless. A timeless object never goes out of style. It is always appropriate, always significant, and never forgotten. In the jewelry universe, timeless is a much favored and often used buzzword, and in our Suna-verse, it embodies something that will be beautiful today, tomorrow and always.

Each piece of Suna jewelry has no expiration date. It doesn’t heed to changing fads or crazes. It pays no mind to the zeitgeist of any particular decade or movement, but rather, it transcends the ever-changing current of fashion. Timelessness is always relevant—yet never a trend. It is elegance. And elegance is always in style.

So the next time you’re considering a piece of fine jewelry, look no further than Suna Bros. Ask your jeweler about us. Suna…beautiful today, tomorrow and always.