Stop and smell the flowers

Stop and smell the flowers

Two months...9 weeks...63 days. No matter how we measure our time at home, it has been awhile. Me? I’m getting antsy. I actually miss my daily grind prior to March 16th when the Suna office closed. Now that the weather is getting nicer, it is getting increasingly harder to stay put.

Against the wishes of my wife Marjorie and our kids, particularly Natalie, I decided to venture to the office last Saturday and check the mail. It was a beautiful day and I thought the 5-mile round trip trek would be great exercise. I wasn’t about to chance another overextended Citi bike rental like I did on my first venture out of the house.  Plus, I welcomed the time in the fresh air and sunshine. Even though I was masked, it felt great to be out. Spring had burst upon the city. I was in a great mood, utterly carefree as walked along. About half way there, I reached into my pocket and suddenly stopped: I had forgotten the keys! No matter, I figured, tomorrow is another day. I went home.

Sunday, the next day, was also gorgeous. Making sure I had my keys before I left, I commenced another leisurely walk downtown. Finally arriving at the office, I was greeted by a sign and locked doors. They had changed the hours and were closed on the weekends. I must admit that any other time, this would have frustrated me, but that day, I simply shrugged.

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it is a sincere appreciation for the little things in life that I may have taken for granted earlier. The office could wait. There will be another nice day. Besides, I clocked 7.5 miles of solid exercise.

I took the “scenic” route home to admire how life was in colorful bloom in beautiful New York City.