Sign of the times

Sign of the times

Sign of the Times

Everywhere I look, there are reminders of our new normal.

Signs on stores and takeout restaurants tell us to wear a mask. Footprints by cash registers show where customers should wait. Aisles in grocery stores are now designated as one ways. There are marks on the sidewalk every six feet where you are supposed to stand. Even in Central Park around the reservoir, there are very obvious reminders to keep apart.

Social distancing, sheltering in place, and flattening the curve are now part of our lexicon. Whoever heard these terms before a 6 weeks ago? If you were standing on line for a movie and someone was crawling up your back, you might have asked for a little space, but now we find ourselves 6 feet apart as we wait for controlled admittance into a grocery store. Concerts, sporting events, religious services, funerals, weddings–all large gatherings are canceled because it is impossible to control social distancing.

And then there is Zoom. This noun/verb has certainly become the most welcoming term during this unusual time. Strangely enough, I had heard of Zoom last summer when I bought the stock, but never did I think it would become such a common term. When friends first said say they were “Zooming,” it sounded like they were driving in the Indy 500!

Nowadays, Zoom is an integral part of my life. My wife Marjorie and I Zoom with Claire and Natalie, our two daughters. Our youngest, Phillip, is sheltering with us. I am Zooming with friends, relatives, the Suna staff...everyone! Zooming while social distancing keeps us connected.

It seems that everyone is Zooming, excluding the turtles in Central Park, who are also ignoring all social distancing rules.