Not Your Great Grandmother's

Not Your Great Grandmother's

So, what do you think of when you hear the words birthstone jewelry?

This author would venture to guess that nothing so glamorous comes to mind. Maybe it’s the all-too-familiar birthstone jewelry display of years gone by with brightly-colored, usually round, “simulated” gems in matching earrings, pendants and the occasional ring on velveteen display cards hanging on a carousel at a random cash register in a nondescript store? Or perhaps a few items next to the lipstick section in a popular beauty product catalogue? Exciting? Not so much. Even mood rings are more interesting. At least they change colors.

Bottom line is that ye olde birthstone jewelry of the past carried the onus of the blasé and the humdrum. So many people eschewed it as being dated and B-O-R-I-N-G. No surprise why. Choices were limited. Designs, blah. And while birthstone jewelry is a great tradition, birthstone jewelry does not have to be traditional.

Now, more than ever before, designers are breaking boundries and creating amazing wearable art in all shapes and sizes, combining stones and precious metals into the chic, cool and contemporary. People are also exploring other varieties of certain gems other than the defined parameters of birthstone colors. January’s garnet is no longer just a cherry red pyrope; it can be sun-kissed spessartite or summery tsavorite. Both October’s and September’s gems offer a wildly kaleidoscopic palette as departures from the standard pink tourmaline and blue sapphire.

So, September sapphire babies, feast your eyes on these two pieces of wearable rock candy. Crafted in 20 carat pink gold, the earrings feature 8 faceted rose-cut natural pinkish-purple sapphires with diamonds set in platinum. For those who prefer the bling-ier, our necklace shines with 69 sapphires and 103 diamonds, set in 20 carat rose gold and platinum respectively.

Today, it’s all about celebrating who we are as individuals. And though these two pieces are not one’s typical birthstone selections, one thing is for sure: they’re unique. So, embrace the birthstone tradition and make it your own. Rock on!