For Keeps

For Keeps

When I was a child, the word “heirloom” held tremendous mystique.

My grandmother had a gorgeous art deco dressing table that was utterly magical to me. Its rounded corners and pretty patterned wood made it seem as if it belonged in a castle.

On one side of the vanity was a crystal tray with perfume bottles, but on the other side, sat my real obsession: a very large jewelry box with a lock and a tiny ornate key. It was a true treasure chest.

On more than one rainy afternoon, she would indulge me to look at all her jewelry. We would huddle before the dressing table’s giant, round mirror…she, sitting on the matching bench with the green jacquard cushion, and I, standing beside her, lost in reverie as we studied the glittering contents of each tiered, velvet-lined compartment and drawer of her jewelry box. Every piece came to life with her stories of what it was, where she had gotten it, and so on.

Looking back now, my grandmother was pretty progressive. She worked for years at Arnold Constable, a by-gone department store, and was always very smartly dressed and discerningly accessorized with the perfect statement pin or other piece of jewelry. Her collection was incredibly eclectic, ranging from upscale fashion to fine platinum, gold, and gemstones pieces.

We always ended our treasure hunts with the most special jewels in her collection—the ones in a separate compartment in the jewelry box, the ones she called heirlooms. That’s when I first heard the word. Among them were diamond bands, an emerald three-stone ring, diamond and sapphire earrings, a large aquamarine necklace, and my grandfather’s heavy gold ring with a star ruby. These pieces were timeless, she explained. These were classics, destined to be passed down from generation to generation, the ones she always came back to, the ones she would always keep.

Those pieces now reside in my own jewelry box. And my grandmother was right. They are indeed timeless, just as relevant and beautiful today as they were years ago.

And that is how I think about the Suna collection.

Suna’s core aesthetic is elegance, and elegance translates seamlessly to endurance. Elegance isn’t affected by evolving fashions; it’s above them. Elegance is not trendy or up-to-the-minute, yet it’s always on point. Elegance doesn’t go out of style; it is evergreen, constant, consistent.  It is Suna.

All of our pieces—whether a 3-stone sapphire ring, diamond earrings, or gold bracelet— have the staying power to span decades of changing trends and remain essential foundations of your jewelry wardrobe. These pieces are iconic because they are so classic, and classics soar above the ordinary, never going out of style.

Of course, you will have other pieces that will be favorites too, but you’ll keep coming back to Suna. And don’t worry, your Suna pieces will be waiting for you in your jewelry box, because they are your very own heirlooms to be cherished...and kept forever.

Danielle Barber, Suna Bros.