Flower Power

Flower Power

One of my oldest and dearest friends owns a flower shop in New Jersey called Sweet William & Thyme. 

When I say oldest, I don’t mean in terms of age: in fact, Amy is actually the youngest in our tightly knit group who bonded like indestructible super glue all those years ago. Amy and I met at the age of six in the first grade class of an all girls school on the banks of the Delaware River, not far from where George Washington made his famous crossing in 1776. We became friends immediately. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Amy is an artist by nature, drawing and painting in the traditional sense. These days, however, she mostly expresses her prolific creativity in the medium of flowers, painting with their lush colors, sculpting with their gossamer fragility and textured shapes. She made a leap of faith to follow her passion, leaving a career in publishing to purchase a floral business. Amy’s artistic sensitivity is contrasted by a keen business acumen, a skill honed by observing her father. Not only has she grown (pun intended) her business, but she also had the building that houses it constructed from the ground up from her specifications.

My friend is a true steel magnolia, that admirable combination of sensitivity and savvy. And she loves our Blossom Collection in 18 karat gold, especially the bracelets.

People always ask us which flower inspired this collection. They want a definitive answer. Some say it’s plumeria; others insist on dogwood. We’ve also heard magnolia and cherry blossom. Amy suggests bacopa, spritely little 5-petaled blooms. Truth be told, the answer is that…well.. there is no answer.

Our inspiration was not one particular flower, but rather, ALL of them. The Blossom Collection represents the transient beauty and natural delicacy that defines all flowers, like freeze-framing their “essence” so you can keep them around forever, no watering required. Our charming motif is a stylized interpretation in luminous 18 karat gold, sometimes drizzled in diamonds, sometimes kissed with just a single stone for a touch of sparkle.

Jewelry commemorates, decorates, denotes, symbolizes, values, enhances, and a plethora of other verbs, but the definitive among its many reasons for being is emotional: it adds happiness. Whether buying a gift or treating yourself, we all enjoy that adrenalized rush that comes from acquiring a new piece, whatever the piece may be. I consider our Blossoms as pure, unadulterated happiness, like precious metal pick-me-ups or a dose of joy. These buoyant blooms effortlessly shine their 18-karat light on your world, even if only the tiniest bit. And these days, who couldn’t use something to brighten the day?

A little flower power goes a long, long way. Just ask Amy. She’s been doing it for years.

Danielle Barber