American Pride

American Pride

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What better way to begin our foray into an online journal than with the one thing we hold very dear: America.

In 1932, Kenneth Suna stepped off a trans-Atlantic ship onto the shore of Ellis Island, officially entering the United States on the small island in New York Bay where so many had passed before him. Kenneth was the last of his immediate family to come to America, having sold the family home and business in Poland. His siblings had come ahead of him. For many, Ellis Island symbolized a start in a fabled land where anything and everything was possible. It was the gateway to a new life, a new world. Though we don’t know what Kenneth was thinking the first time he saw the Statue of Liberty, we do know that he embraced America as his new home.

Along with older brother Joel, Kenneth had trained in a jewelry factory in Warsaw, honing his skills as a bench jeweler. There, he grew to appreciate the beauty of finely made platinum jewelry and discovered a talent for evaluating and selecting gemstones. Not able to find work in the jewelry industry, Kenneth took a job working nights in a pocketbook factory while getting his high school diploma., but a year later, his fierce determination was rewarded. In 1933, Kenneth began working as an independent bench jeweler in New York City’s bustling jewelry district. And soon after, he proudly established Suna Bros., specializing in channel-set wedding bands. It was Kenneth’s American dream.

Today, sons Aron and Jonathan continue Kenneth’s legacy. They are proud of their rich family heritage, and prouder that each piece is still crafted in New York City in the heart of the jewelry district, a stone’s throw from Kenneth’s first shop all those years ago.