Fine jewelry requires both imagination and precision.

Each Suna piece begins its life in the mind of the designer. The designer then captures her vision with a careful design, drawn by hand. Created to scale, the design shows the piece from multiple views–just like architectural blueprints. The transformation of these drawings into glittering jewelry requires a workshop of expert craftsmen. Suna jewelers, setters, and polishers draw on their training and skills to create heirloom quality pieces for our customers.

Suna Standards.

Suna creates jewelry with the finest materials available. Platinum, 18 karat white and yellow gold, and 20 karat pink gold are coupled with carefully chosen gems. All stones are inspected and selected by hand, ensuring beautifully matching stones, which are then precisely set by hand. Our polishers create the perfect finish for each piece–whether a mirror like gleam or a brushed softness. The result is pieces that are beautiful from every angle.

For over 80 years the Suna family has created the finest jewelry in America.